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Your Maine Flame

I enjoy getting lost in the stacks, learning about all sorts of things, particularly philosophy, art and culture. I love following the rabbit hole and ending up in unexpected places. On an average day, you’d find me experimenting with a new vegetarian recipe, working on an art project and walking by the ocean. I love sailing, spicy food, live theatre, plants, retro lingerie and lounging around.

My Look

I'm a curvy and statuesque 5’10” barefoot. I have a soft hourglass figure, a sweet smile, and captivating eyes. My hair is long, wavy and silvery blonde. 


I have an artsy style, usually with something black and lacy underneath. I love to accentuate my curves with pinup style outfits and lingerie. 

Portland is a pretty low key town so typical outfits might be a little black dress with a denim jacket or curve hugging jeans with a retro sweater For weekday dates, I'll usually err on the side of business casual. I love playing dress up so feel free let me know if there's something specific you'd like to see. If it's not in my closest already, I'll send you my measurements so you can bring your fantasy outfit to our date and I'll give you an exclusive  private viewing.


My Story

I moved to Maine for college, where I majored in the arts. I've always been an artist and I love the performing arts as well. Out of curiosity, and to pay for school, I decided to explore the stages of strip clubs. I danced for about 7 years, traveling and dancing in clubs around the U.S.


I enjoyed dancing but ultimately it wasn't for me. My preference for intimate connection led me to the world of escorting. I was able to  take with me what I loved about dancing; getting to know  a stranger by delving into their intimate desires and creating space for intimacy, free of the constraints of daily life.

A Day in My Life

I strive to indulge in sensuality: delicious food, compelling conversation, good books, lots of lounging in bed, and yes, living in the moment.

My morning starts with a cup of dark roast coffee, with lots of cream, a slice of sourdough toast, and some reading. Currently that’s Rest is Resistance by Tricia Hersey. I’ll read until my mind wanders, gaze out the window and think about my day.

I like to dress to music, set to the tone of the weather or where I’m going, or whatever is on the radio. And then I’m off to my wholesome day job or maybe it’s the perfect day to walk on the beach.

My pandemic evenings have been cooking something delicious, usually vegetarian. Then maybe I’ll watch a movie or take a walk or a candlelit bath. I love going out, for dinner, drinks and dancing, but I always appreciate an intimate evening in, whether that’s by myself or with company. 

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